12G-SDI Video WIth Ethernet+Rs232/RS422/RS485 Over A single ST Fiber
【Series】:SDI fiber converter


HZT-SDI-12G-FSM001 multi-functional 12G-SDI Video to Fiber converter including is designed and produced by HZT Technology, it including 2-ch forward 12G-SDI video+3-ch Return 12G-SDI video+2 port 10/100/1000M Shared(Non-Isolated) Ethernet+1-ch Full duplex RS485+1-CH RS422+1-CH RS232 Over a single ST fiber. All the 12G-SDI channels can be compatible with 3G SDI format,Which can transmit the compelete SDI signals including all 16 channels of Audio and ancillary data. It widely used for broadcasting, event production and live streams. 

Plug and Play design ensures adjustment-free installation and operation, and optical adjustments are never required. LED indicators are provided to instantly monitor the system operating status.


1. Multiple 12G-SDI video transmits through single Fiber, it can reduce the fibers in the field.

2. All the 12G-SDI video can compatible with 3G-SDI signal.

3. Handles pathological pattern

4. Automatic cable equalization to ensure signal integrity
5. With integrated reclocker 270Mbit/s, 1.48Gbit/s, 2.97Gbit/s, 5.94Gbit/s, 11.88Gbit/s
6. Supports SMPTE ST-2082, ST-2081, 424M, 344M, 292M, 259M, DVB-ASI,
7.  Long transmission capability at least 500M (MM fiber)/10KM(SM fiber)

8.  Terminal block power input for industrial application

9. 1000M Shared or Isolated Ethernet for Optional.

10. RS232/RS485/RS422 Plug and Play 


SDI input/output

Signal format

SMPTE ST-2082, ST-2081, 424M, 344M, 292M, 259M, DVB-ASI,

Data rate

270Mbit/s, 1.48Gbit/s, 2.97Gbit/s, 5.94Gbit/s, 11.88Gbit/s

Cable Equalization

Automatic cable EQ (Belden 1694A cable) 

75 m at 11.88 Gbps (4Kp60 UHD)

120 m at 5.94 Gbps (UHD)

200 m at 2.97 Gbps (FHD)

280 m at 1.485 Gbps (HD)

600 m at 270 Mbps (SD)


SDI interface

BNC 75 Ohm

Fiber interface


Number of transmitter channel

2-ch 12G-SDI video input, 3-ch 12G-SDI Video Output

Transmitter wavelength

1310 nm

Transmitter output power

-6~-1dBm0±3dBm optional

Number of receiver output

2-ch 12G-SDI video Output, 3-ch 12G-SDI Video Input

Receiver sensitivity



Work mode

Full duplex/half duplex

Data Rate


Connection terminal



2-ch 1000M Shared Ethernet

RS232/422/RS485 Data

Data protocol

RS232RS422RS485ManchesterBIPHASE data

Data rate

0~500 Kbps

Error rate

< 10-9


Standard terminal lead

General index

Input power


Power consumption


Work Temperature

-20°C to 70°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C to 85°C


0 ~ 95% (non-condensing)

Case material


Net weight

5KG /pair 

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