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Shipping and Handling

We process orders from Monday to Saturday. Generally, small orders can take all your goods out of the warehouse within 7 working days! For special orders, we will confirm the production time and transportation time with the customer before payment to ensure that there is no problem before scheduling production.

Production time: Generally, small orders can be completed within 7 working days, and special orders can be delivered less than one month at the latest.

Processing time: 3 - 5 days. After the goods have been produced and the wooden drums are installed and the pallets required for shipping and air transportation are installed, we will immediately arrange the trucks to be sent to the logistics agent warehouse. The agent arranges customs declaration and provides booking and other services at the first time after receiving the goods. When the specific schedule / departure time, the goods will be arranged on board the ship / aircraft.

Shipping time: DHL is generally 5-10 days, shipping is generally 20-45 days, and air transportation is generally 5-8 days.

At present, our transportation is transported to all parts of the world, except for some military bases and secret bases.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Order Tracking

After the goods have been uploaded or the aircraft, the shipping company/airline will provide a formal bill of lading, we will email the bill of lading to the customer in the first time (if there is a payment for the last paragraph, please also arrange the payment in advance), we will also The cargo track information is updated daily, and we will notify the customer as soon as possible if there are special circumstances.

If you try to track your package and there is no information available, this means the carrier has not processed your package. After scanning the package to their system, the tracking event will be populated on the tracking page.

Note: The shipping time does not include the production time required to prepare the order before leaving the port plus the time for the logistics agent to process the order!

Cargo arrival/airport
Before the goods arrive at the port or airport, we will officially notify the customer to go through the local customs clearance procedures and transfer the goods.
The following circumstances can not be cleared after the deadline:
1. If the stagnation fee and extra cost caused by the failure of the customer to clear the customs due to the customer's reasons, the customer must bear the responsibility;
2. If the overdue customer cannot clear the customs and the goods are destroyed on the spot, the company will not refund the purchase price.

3. If the customer cannot clear the goods and return the goods to their original place of origin, the customer shall bear the round-trip freight and import duties. Returning the products The company has the right to deal with them and does not return the goods.

4. If the goods are returned to the place of origin and need to be re-sent to other addresses, the customer needs to communicate with us in time and negotiate the relevant matters after the reform.

Force Majeure

In the process of production or transportation, in the event of floods, blizzards, typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters or wars, strikes, government bans and other force majeure caused by production delays or delays in transportation, we will try our best to make the goods the fastest. The speed is delivered to the customer. If the customer applies for a claim for these reasons, our company won't assume any responsibility.
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