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3G Video SFP Fiber Optical Transceiver Module specialed for HD SDI Fiber Converter Transmission

Time:2022-7-19Posted:Shenzhen Huazhaotong Technology Co., Ltd
The SDI optical module is specially used for high-definition SDI optical transceivers to ensure that there is no flicker, black screen, blue screen and other phenomena during the transmission of high-definition SDI signals.

SDI optical modules are divided into 3G-SDI optical modules (for 1-channel pure video HD SDI optical transceivers) and 1.5G-3G-SDI optical modules according to the rate. Pure video high-definition SDI optical transceiver), dual-transmit and double-receive SDI optical module (for 1 channel pure video HD SDI optical transceiver), 1.5G or 3G and 155M asymmetric rate 3G-SDI optical module (for reverse control data high-definition SDI optical transceiver).

The SDI optical module is specially used for high-definition SDI optical transceivers. This SDI optical module is the first 3G-SDI optical module developed for high-definition SDI optical transceivers with independent intellectual property rights in China. SD/HD/3G SDI optical transceivers were first developed and used by customers in the radio and television industry. It is used in TV studios, animal shooting, movie shooting, live broadcast of Universiade, and later extended to 1080P high-definition monitoring field, with reverse control data; the rate is 1.485G (also called 1.5G, corresponding to the SMPTE-292M standard, supporting 720P) And 2.97G (also called 3G, corresponding to the SMPTE-424M standard, supporting FULL HD 1080P). At present, there are many manufacturers of SDI optical transceivers on the market, but most of the products cannot pass the SDI pathological code test. They are barely usable when transmitting standard code rate signals, but the problem is immediately reflected when transmitting irregular code rate signals. At 1.5G rate The probability of problems (720P or 1080i application) is lower, and the probability of problems at 3G rate (1080P application) is high, mainly manifested in the occasional splash screen, black screen, and blue screen during high-definition video transmission, which cannot guarantee the continuous and smooth playback of the picture. , There are two main reasons for these problems: First, the adopted high-definition SDI optical transceiver solution is immature or defective in design, which accounts for a small part; second, the cost factor, most of the SDI optical transceivers on the market use ordinary SFP optical modules, That is, the 1.25G rate and 2.5G rate digital SFP optical modules are used to replace the VIDIO SFP optical modules dedicated to SDI optical transceivers, so that a large number of bit errors will inevitably occur when the transmission bit rate is irregular. The application field of high-definition SDI optical transceiver has high picture quality requirements, and naturally the picture cannot be unsmooth. Therefore, the 3G-SDI optical module dedicated to the high-definition SDI optical transceiver of Biyang Optoelectronics should be used to ensure that there is no flickering screen, black screen and blue screen in the process of high-definition image transmission. etc. phenomenon. Compatible with SMPTE 297-2006, support SMPTE-424M 3Gbps HD-SDI, SMPTE-292M HD-SDI, SMPTE-259M 1. SMPTE 297-2006 compatible 2. Robust Error free transmission of signals from 50Mbps to 3.0Gbps 3. Supports video pathological patterns for 3G/HD-SDI/SD-SDI 4. SFP Package.Hot-pluggable 5. Metal enclosure for lower EMI 6. +3.3V single power supply. 7. Laser disable pin 8. Digital diagnostics and control via I²C interface, including: 1)Monitoring laser bias current, average output power, supply voltage and temperature 2) Alarm reporting when transmitter is at fault

3) Module ID polling

HZT technology is a leading manufacturer for SDI Fiber Converter and SFP Fiber transceiver Module in ShenZhen China. it has over 20 years manufacturing experiences in developing 3G-SDI Fiber Converter,12G-SDI video Fiber converter, 3G Video SFP transceiver and a serials products. All of our SDI fiber products passed pathological testing. It can stably transmit 1080P@60HZ images,More importantly, our SDI products have been used in the Beijing Olympic Games and the Tokyo Olympic Games, and have received unanimous praise from customers.

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