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what is Anti-Tracking Jacket(AT Jacket) Material for ADSS Fiber Optical Cable ?

Time:2022-7-13Posted:Shenzhen Huazhaotong Technology Co., Ltd
There are a variety of options in ADSS optical cables. Among these ADSS optical cables, we will talk about ADSS Anti-Tracking optical cables today, so that everyone can have a better understanding of Anti-Tracking optical cables.

Tracking resistant sheath material for ADSS optical cable

The surface performance of ADSS optical cable is very important, it will directly affect the electrical resistance of the sheath material and the service life of the entire optical cable, so it should be strictly controlled in the production process. 1. Strictly control the eccentricity of the optical fiber cable to ensure its uniformity. 2. The extrusion surface and PE and PVC screw can get a better extrusion surface. When using, the extrusion temperature should be adjusted appropriately according to its equipment conditions. Generally, the melt temperature is 190-220 °C, and the material is fully melted and plasticized during extrusion. , The surface of the sheath should be smooth, and the section should be free of pores. 3. The ADSS optical cable adopts extrusion, extrusion, extrusion and other methods. If the extrusion die is used, the elongation rate of the optical fiber should not be too large, and the overstretching of the material should be reduced as much as possible to avoid surface fluffing. At the same time, the internal stress of the material is reduced to shrink the optical cable. decrease. 4. In order to prevent the formation of water spots on the surface of the sheath, resulting in defective sheath performance, the method of gradient cooling and water flow control is adopted. ADSS anti-tracking fiber optic cable laying In order to prevent galvanic corrosion, the key is to choose a suitable contact point and try to choose a location with low induced voltage to reduce galvanic corrosion of the electric field sheath. Since galvanic corrosion usually occurs near the hanging part of the tower, installing a proper shielding ring at this location can effectively protect the ADSS cable and prolong its service life. In addition, during the laying process of ADSS anti-tracking optical cable, the operation should be standardized, the outer sheath should not be damaged, and the electrical corrosion damage of the optical cable sheath should not be reduced.

In the selection of ADSS optical cables, you must find ADSS optical cables produced by reliable manufacturers. A good optical cable manufacturer can guarantee the quality and ensure that users are more reliable in use.

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