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How are major undersea cables laid in the ocean?

Time:2019-10-26Posted:Shenzhen Huazhaotong Technology Co., Ltd
Laying submarine cable in the ocean is a large-scale project, which is recognized as complex and difficult in the world. 

In shallow water, for example, water depth less than 200 meters using buried, while using laying in the deep. Water jet buried is the main method of buried. 

There are several rows of water holes at the bottom of buried device, parallel distributed on both sides, during operation, with each hole to the seabed while a high pressure jet of water at the same time, rushing the seabed sediment, forming submarine trench. There is a fairlead at the upper device, used to guide the fiber optic cables to the bottom of the submarine trench, the gullies will be automatically filled by tide. The buried device is towed forward by construction vessels, and making various instructions through the work of the cable. Cable laying machines generally do not have underwater buried equipment, laid on the seabed surface by the weight of submarine cable.

Ships continued straight ahead, punch a ditch by underwater robot, put into the cable, then use underwater robots to washing sand back, covering the cable, and then continue to move forward. When required connections, completing it on the ship, then seal, and continue laying. Currently the submarine cables all are optical fiber, and are all buried into dirt.
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