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Corning unveiled the 2019 China International Optoelectronic Exposition and presented a series of advanced optical products

Time:2019-9-7Posted:Shenzhen Huazhaotong Technology Co., Ltd

Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today announced that it is launching a new special fiber and will showcase its range at the 2019 China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) in Shenzhen, China, from September 4th to 7th. Advanced optical product portfolio.

Corning® RCBI fiber is the first small cladding fiber compatible with G.657 and G.652. It is resistant to bending, has a small cladding thickness and is only 80 microns in diameter. With the low attenuation of RCBI fiber, excellent macrobend loss performance and industry-leading geometry, it can achieve smaller package sizes and produce superior optical components.

Customers are increasingly demanding small overlay fibers for multiplexers, transceivers, and PIC interconnects. Next-generation transceivers require high-density fiber-to-chip coupling solutions, and data center switches in particular require higher-density fibers. Thanks to its compact structure, RCBI fiber meets the requirements of telecom and data center applications.

"Our new RCBI fiber meets the growing demand for telecom and data centers," said Michael Jordan, special fiber optic product line manager at Corning Advanced Optics. "RCBI fiber does not affect data flow,
Supports denser or smaller cable. We are honored to be able to launch this product at this CIOE. ”

In addition, Corning is expanding its fiber array unit (FAU) product line with RCBI fiber optimization for density and footprint. The FAU is located inside an optical device such as a transceiver and multiplexer and is used to connect multiple fibers to the circuit. As data center and high-performance computing continue to increase the number and density of fiber, FAU needs to accommodate more fiber while reducing the footprint of each fiber. Compared with the existing FAU, OEMs can increase the fiber density by 50% by using this fiber. The 90 degree angle bending can realize the coupling of low profile fiber and chip, and the core pitch tolerance is increased by more than 20%. Therefore, the FAU can accommodate up to 100 channels.

In addition, Corning will showcase a range of advanced optical products that meet the needs of multiple commercial markets, including:

Durable glass and fluoride crystal materials used in conductor lithography;
Precision lenses and inspection equipment used by OEMs;
An ideal optical material for the manufacture of OLED devices;
a hyperspectral imaging system with a lightweight sensor;
High refractive index glass wafers for augmented reality applications.
Corning will also showcase HPFS® high purity fused silica, Corning® Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) lenses, wearable augmented reality glasses with Corning high refractive index glass, and 3D optical sensing devices made with Corning optics.

With decades of experience in glass science and optical physics, Corning's Advanced Optics business helps customers overcome optical technology challenges through custom designs, high-end optical materials and complete systems. Corning's product technologies in advanced optics include high-quality materials such as Corning's ULE® and HPFS®, industry-leading measurement capabilities, automated laser glass cutting technology and optical design capabilities.

“Corning offers superior optical materials and a complete portfolio of systems for a wide range of commercial applications. Our products are a perfect interpretation of our deep understanding of optical engineering and glass science and the expertise in this field to make electronic devices more complex. Microchip," said Cassandra Taliaferro, Corning's director of advanced optics. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to showcase our products at CIOE, the world's largest optoelectronics industry show.”

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