3G/HD-SDI To Fiber Converter
【Brief】:Broadcasting 3G-SDI HD-SDI Video to Fiber Converter 
【Series】:HD video fiber converter


3G-SDI To Fiber Extender is an ideal and economic solution for broadcasting or surveillance applications. It receives one HD-SDI electrical input, perfectly converts electrical SDI signal to single mode optic SDI signal. It supports transmission image of SDTV (143-540Mbps), HDTV (1.485Gbps) and HDTV (3Gbps, 1080p60).

Both transmitter and receiver provide equalizing and reclocking at input unit in order to re-construct the signal for consistent quality. Besides, with Beyondopto advanced fiber technology, VSDI can easily pass pathological pattern to prove its complete transmission.

Hd-sdi optical transceiver, dedicated security HD SDI monitor, high-definition conference system, support 1080 p (25 hz, 30 hz,50hz,60hz) / 1080 I / 720P . Beyondopto hd SDI optical transceiver product customer development use for radio, film and television industry, the earliest application in the television studio, the universiade on live radio, and later extended to SDI hd monitoring field.


· 1 channel video and audio transmission of digital video signal over optic fiber

· Handles pathological pattern

· Automatic cable equalization to ensure signal integrity

· Automatic reclocking  270Mbit/s - 1.48Gbit/s - 3Gbit/s

· Support signal type: 270Mbit/s to 3Gbit/s according to SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 259M standards

· Long transmission capability at least 10 km(6.2 miles) , up to 80 km

· Terminal block power input for industrial application

·Supports hot swapping and hot plugging

·Simplex LC/PC single mode optical connection

HD-SDI TO FIBER CONVERTER typical applications:

HD-SDI monitor system;

Animals, filming;

Live on optical fiber transmission;

TV remote studio;

The military and public security command and control

SDI TO Fiber Multiplexers is hd SDI necessary transmission equipment of the monitoring system, how to identify the SMPTE standard SDI optical transceiver also confused with so many users, it can through SDI pathological code test to verify. Transfer characteristic difference of hd-sdi optical transceiver reluctantly when transmission rate signal specifications are available, but when the problem of irregular rate signal transmission immediately reflected, under 1.5 G rate (720 p or 1080 I used) lower, problems of probability under 3 G rate (1080) p application problems of probability is high, main performance for high definition video transmission sometimes appear in the process of the splash screen, black screen, blue screen, images cannot guarantee continuous smooth playback, the cause of these problems basically has two: first, adopt hd-sdi optical transceiver scheme not mature or design defects, this reason minority; Second, cost factors, on the market most of the hd-sdi optical transceiver using common SFP optical module, which USES the rate of 1.25 G and 1.25 G rate digital SFP optical module instead of hd-sdi special VIDIO optical transceiver SFP optical modules, so inevitable when transmission rate of irregular large error. Hd-sdi application field of optical transceiver have higher picture quality requirements, natural intolerable, the picture is not smooth, so should adopt hd-sdi special VIDIO optical transceiver SFP optical module, to ensure that high-definition image transmission in the process without the splash screen, black screen, the phenomenon such as blue screen.





Output Power

 -9~-3dBm /  -3~+2dBm

Optic fiber

50/125u multimode,62.5/125u multimode,9/125u single mode

Rx sensitivity


Optical connector

LC/PC (optional)


0~500M (MM)  /  0~80KM  (SM)


SDI Input

Signal Type SDI


Data Rates

270Mbit/s - 1.48Gbit/s - 3Gbit/s

Cable Equalization

Automatic cable EQ (Belden 1694A cable)

250m @ 270Mbit/s, 140m @ 1.5Gbit/s, 80m @ 3Gbit/s


BNC 75 Ohm

Number of tranmitter channel


Number of tranmitter Loopout


Number of receiver output



Input Power

5 V DC or12 V DC

Power consumption (maximum)

Transmitter: 1.8W   Receiver: 1.5W

Operating temperature

0°C to 55°C

Storage temperature

-10°C to 70°C

Operating humidity

0 ~ 95% (non-condensing)

Net Weight

210g /pair (with Power supply 440g/pair)

Case material


Size:64mm×52mm×22.5mm( L/W/H)

Connection diagram 

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